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Cobra kickboxing is a mixed martial arts class taught by senior instructor Bruce Swatton, pictured above in the middle photo performing a suspended side splits. (Ouuuch!!)

Bruce holds a 3rd Dan Blackbelt in kickboxing / mixed martial arts & has over 30 years of experience. He has studied Muay Thai & trained in Thailand as well as the UK and is also a  Western Counties qualified Boxing coach.


Cobra kickboxing students come from all walks of life , from students to police officers, there is a friendly atmosphere & classes are a lot of fun. Most importantly everyone shows respect & egos are left at the door.

Cobra classes are a great way to keep fit ,build confidence & meet new people.

The class is open to all levels & mainly combines boxing, muay thai & street defence . Also the syllabus contains various techniques from other martial arts & techniques that are employed by military forces around the world, such as Krav Maga knife & gun defence.

Bruce has adopted a Jeet Kune Do kind of philosophy of use what works & disregard the rest ,this is because everyone is  different  so what may work for you, may not work for me, so there is a huge scope of techniques hand picked from the most renowned martial arts systems.




*Fully accredited grading system

*Gain confidence in personal defence.

*Learn how to defend your familly against a possible street attack.

*Group or individual tuition for all levels of fitness.

*Kids classes, help your child cope with bullying.

*Instructor with British Combat Association

*Fully insured, SIA licensed & first aid trained.




TEL: 01752 417140

VENUE: The Community Centre,

Peacock Meadow,



Plymouth, Devon


Cobra welcomes everyone with a good attitude, team spirit & good sportsmanship to come & train & enjoy the journey of learning martial arts & progressing in a fun physical activity.